Welcome to the blog of the Global May Day!

Before coordinations for a Global May Day 2020 kick off, workers organized in the Free Workers’ Union (FAU Hamburg) and Industrial Workers of the World (IWW Hamburg) came up with a draft for a self-conception of the Global May Day platform. It’s the result of several meetings and aims to give the whole project a stable basis for the future.

Download the draft: EnglishDeutsch
Everyone is invited to discuss it within their group/union and give feedback by October 20th, 2019. Either send an email to the mailing list or leave a message inside this pad.
A final version should be ready by November 30th, 2019, so that planings for May Day 2020 can begin on time.

Do let us know, if you work on further translations. So they can also be published on this blog and to prevent that several people work on the same translation simultaneously.