Welcome to the blog of the Transcontintental May Day 2017!

UPDATE: Please submit your reports by sending them to mayday2017@lists.riseup.net, so that they can be added to this blog as soon as possible. A chat meeting to reflect on the coordination efforts for a Transcontinental May Day 2017 and discuss how to continue from here will be announced on this blog as well as the mailing list shortly.

Every year people take to the streets and go on strike on May 1st to commemorate International Workers’ Day. In an effort to connect the various activities around the world  workers and students got together and agreed to publish this call to action. The complete framework consisting of three elements (call, symbols, #1world1struggle) will enable everyone to easily link their May Day activities with the positions expressed in the call. In addition May Day Solidarity Partnerships facilitate networking worldwide, strengthening us all.

We call on grassroots groups, labor unions and initiatives worldwide to link their May Day activities and by doing so provide visibility to the global dimension of the struggle.
Make sure to announce your activities, so that they can also be published on this blog.