Bangladesh: GWTUC Rallies

The Garment Workers’ Trade Union Center (GWTUC) supports the call for a Global May Day as well and called for rallies in 13 different local areas with garment factories – many of them in Dhaka. The other rallies took place in Narayongonj, Gazipur, Chittagong, Ashulia, Tejgone, Fotulla, Kachpur, Uttara and Rampura. In addition one main rally in Central Dhaka was attended by around 1,000 workers. At the local rallies around 5,000 people gathered.
In their struggle for better working conditions garment workers clashed with riot cops in some of these areas in January 2019.
No incidents with the police were reported this time.

Central Dhaka

“Build the struggle for fair wages, ration, workers housing, trade union right and democratic labor law – Fight until demolition of the wage slavery”

Ashulia Industrial Area

Tejgaon Industrial Area

Kachpur Industrial Area

Fotulla Industrial Area

This report was submitted by Monzur of GWTUC 😉


Dortmund: Anarchist rally

Report from Dortmund:

Around 300 people came together for the anarchist May Day rally in Dortmund. The atmosphere was militant and determined, during the complete rally many slogans were shouted.
The demo was organized by the Anarchist Group Dortmund, and furthermore joined by the Anarchist Collective Cologne, the Anarchist Group Essen, the Anarchist Animal Liberators Dortmund as well as the Anarchist Collective Trier (Stella Nigra). In the district Nordstadt the rally received positive feedback from residents. Just before the end of the rally cops unfortunately decided to single out participants and threaten to file charges against them.

“Class struggle instead of election spectacle”

Gainesville: Anti-Prison March

This report came in:

On May Day, a group of roughly 80 people took to the streets of Gainesville Florida. The march & teach-in at the nearby public library focused on prison abolition, free education, and affordable public housing. Gainesville IWOC, a committee of the IWW, has been actively cutting contracts with the prison industry and ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] patrols with the intention of closing a nearby prison. #1world1struggle

IWW Gainesville supports the call for a Global May Day as well.

Marburg: Revolutionary rally

This report came in:

Among others the FAU Marburg – Gießen – Wetzlar (Free Workers’ Union) called for a rally that was joined by about 400 people. Afterwards participants gathered at the local cultural centre Trauma where there was food & drinks, collectively run businesses of Marburg presented themselves, and live bands and party. Crazily crowded. What a nice day!

Jakarta: May Day rally

An alliance of leftist unions – among which the feminist garment workers’ union FBLP (Inter-Factory Workers’ Federation) – called for a May Day rally in Jakarta.

FBLP published the following message:

Unfortunately, the actions of this years’ labor day were marked by repression in several cities in Indonesia: Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya and Sukoharjo. Among others the people of the anarko group were arrested, beaten, stripped and humiliated. The world should not forget, the anarchists were martyred in the bloody Haymarket event, which is now commemorated as May Day.

In Sukoharjo, workers who wanted to mark May Day were blocked and disbanded under various pretexts.
The regime seems to forget, grassroots politics, are increasingly molt when trimmed. Many grew up in the midst of difficulties, trained in the midst of hard life.

Workers of the whole world unite!
Long live resistance!